Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our "Friends" the Chinese (with Apologies to Charles Johnson)

Few things make me sicker than the sycophants in the US media and sports worlds who slaver all over the Domain of the Dragon commonly known as the People's Republic of China.

Let's face it: China is a very large, bizarre, Marxist/Fascist conglomeration that is a good deal for the 10% of the population that comprises the "elite," but a very bad deal for the other two billion folks that live in that unhappy place.

There are many things about which I could criticize China, but today, my anger is directed towrds their arrogant abuse of followers of religions -- Christianity in particular.

Here is a a particularly graphic example of the kinds of things that await Chinese that choose to follow a course that is not "approved" and, especially, those who lead others in the same path.

The son of a prominent house-church (read: non-Government-approved) pastor was beaten to within an inch of his life without warning by swarms of police while in a private residence. The beating occurred in his mother's presence. When his mother called for an ambulance, help was refused. When his mother called the man's younger brother for help, he was ALSO beaten when he arrived.

Think about such things the next time you have a choice between buying something made in China or made somewhere else.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Nightmare Election of 2008

While I really don't like Senator McCain all the much, I TRULY dislike and dread a potential Barack Obama Presidency.

For your viewing pleasure, here are links to several videos, humorous or otherwise, to make you THINK about what an Obama Presidency will REALLY be like:






Debunking the "Most Muslims Do Not Favor Terrorism" Meme

Lawyer, news commentator, film critic, and blogger Debbie Schlussel ought to know: She lives in the Detroit area and near the heavily Muslim "Dearbornistan." Not only that, as an ardent critic of terrorist-supporting Islamists living in this country, she has often felt the wrath of the local Detroit area Islamists -- to include vicious verbal attacks and actual battles in court.

From her experience in dealing with the heavily Muslim Dearborn area, she is able to say that not just the majority, but, rather, the VAST majority of Muslims support terrorism.

We can only deal appropriately with our enemy (whether in Dearbornistan or Waziristan or in Jeddah) when we understand what makes him tick.

All the wishful boilerplate from the likes of President Bush, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, et al about how either Islam is a "religion of peace," or how the "majority of Muslims are not terrorists" are not only meaningless, but, also, dangerously misleading.

Debbie was recently "honored" by being named by "FAIR"(sic) as one of the "dirty dozen" in the US media today who are most "Islamophobic."

Fortunately, Ms Schlussel sees this as an honor indeed and is in no way cowed by it.

Debbie is a great American and a courageous Jewess standing up against the Islamist enemy -- both within and without.

P.S. Talk radio host extraordinaire Michael Savage also made the Dirty Dozen, as well! Mazel Tov, Michael.

P.P.S. I am a Christian, but respect Jews like Schlussel and Savage when they make the courageous stands they do!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Many a Truth Is Spoken in Jest !

A major hat tip goes to lgf's Charles Johnson for posting this gem from Red State: a "unique" version of an interview of Obama by ABC's George Stephanopolous.

Hilarious, yet thought provoking.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Hurricanes in the Gulf As Bush/Rice Actively Work to Force Israel to Cede More Territory

My, WHAT a COINCIDENCE! We have two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean area while our Keystone Kop Foreign Policy Team of Bush/Rice work overtime attempting to force Israel to cede even MORE territory (including, possibly, HALF of Jerusalem) to the terrorists.

The Bible expressly says that He gave this Land to Israel and President Bush has no business attempting to get the Israelis to give it away.

God controls the weather, too.

Moreover, why does the President think that giving land to terrorists is the way to go? If this does not send a clear message to the world that terrorism works, I don't know what does!

In the meantime, we -- who are Christians -- are instructed to pray for those in authority. Clearly, President Bush and SecState Rice stand in need of our prayers.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

[Dhimmi] Gates Warned about restricting Christians

The absurd Dhimmi-like, knee-jerk, anti-Christian reaction of US military officials to the news that a Marine on duty in Fallujah, Iraq, had handed out approximately 10 coins to Iraqi citizens on which the Scripture verse, John 3:16 was cast in Arabic has drawn SecDef Gates an earful from a Christian organization that speaks up in defense of PERSECUTED Christians.

Where are the denominational endorsing agents and Christian chaplains on this? From my perspectve, something is rotten in Denmark when the services are more than happy to enlist Christians to dodge bullets, but then clamp down on them hard for making even minor expressions of their faith.

Everything offends some Muslims, we are fools to go to absurd lengths to seek the accommodate the unreasonable and the implacable. I read that after the Army sniper shot up a copy of the Qur'an, one of our commanders KISSED a copy of the Qur'an before some village elders: I find that degrading and insulting to our Christian soldiers -- unless, of course, that officer was himself a Muslim (something which I highly doubt).

Moral Test for President Bush: Congress on Abortion Counseling

There is/was an intra-Party fight underway among Republican and RINO Congressman regarding the issue of abortion counseling.

This is a moral test for President Bush.

I am praying that he comes/came down on the side of the Republicans, rather than that of the RINOs.

The Decalogue Revolt!

What is the best way to promote the proliferation of public displays of the Decalogue (Ten Commandments)?

Why, to tell people (a la the ACLU and Liberal, legislating-from-the-bench judges) that they MAY NOT do so, of course!

This is funny!

Way NOT to Go! Arsonist Strikes Texas Governor's Mansion

As readers of this blog have probably surmised, I am no fan of Texas RINO Governor Rick Perry. However, whoever thought that setting the Texas Governor's Mansion on fire was a good idea is ... well... likely headed to prison for a long time.

Note: Governors come and go -- but the Texas Governor's Mansion belongs to the STATE and should be respected for what it symbolizes (even when its occupant does not live up to our expectations).

Debbie Schlussel (Rightly) Pans Standard Operating Procedure

The film Standard Operating Procedure (which I have not seen) is another in the genre seemingly endless stream of anti-US-war-in-Iraq films spewing out of Hollywood (a stream of films, incidentally, that the movie-viewing public has found greatly underwhelming).

Debbie Schlussel has seen it, and she rightly pans it.

As Schlussel points out, the movie actually confirms many of the suspicions that pro-Iraq-War-but-anti-PC-Pentagon-Lawyers folks like me have long harbored regarding Abu Ghraib: Namely that is was much ado about (almost) nothing. (It occurred in a WAR ZONE for Christ's Sake!)

UPDATE: Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has stood up boldly to confront the "US-are-torturers" mongers in Congress, telling them that placing women's panties on prisoners' heads does NOT constitute torture.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Moon-Battery in the First Degree, Continue: Boy Suspended for Carrying SPENT Cartridge to School

Too idiotic for words.

Moon-Battery in the First Degree: "Open Tent Day"

Horrible idea. Great excoriation of same.

Hat tip: lgf.

Resolved: Planned Parenthood Is a Criminal Enterprise

A disgusting story on how corrupt Democratic officials in Kansas (obviously in the pocket of the Planned Parenthood criminal racket) appear to be attempting to stymie the efforts of one honest man (Phill Kline) to expose their evil actions.

It is obvious that the national Planned Parenthood operation is a criminal enterprise and needs to be mercilessly prosecuted under existing RICO statutes.

Texas District Judge Barbara Walther Proving Once again to Be an Obstacle to Justice for the FLDS Folks

You have to hand it to her: Despite having been overruled by two superior courts regarding her egregiously unjust treatment of the FLDS residents of Yearning for Zion Ranch in El Dorado, Her Honor continues to insist on having her way and on placing legal obstacles in the way of reuniting the FLDS children wrongly held hostage by the run-amok Texas CPS goons.

Judge Walther is just asking for another slap-down from a superior court.

She is also asking to be impeached.

I loathe this corrupt individual.

In my view: Judge Walther is Exhibit 'A' on why women make poor judges.

You can read more about it here.

Very Cool: Sons of Confederate Veterans Have Plans to Fly the Stars-and-Bars in a VERY Big Way!

I admit it: I tend to sympathize with the Confederate side when I study the Civil War. It really was about more than just slavery, as the self-righteous reductionists wish to have us believe. I really don't think slavery would have survived down South past 1900, if the Confederacy had achieved its desired independence.

However, the South failed to prevail in this country's bloodiest conflict to date.

Nonetheless, many brave men (both black and white) fought for the South and it is -- in my view -- criminal to try to blot their memory from the historical landscape.

Two men alone -- Robert E. Lee and General "Stonewall" Jackson -- prove that the South had a noble streak. (Of course, there were many other noble Confederates, as well.)

That is why I am pleased that the Sons of the Confederacy have big plans to fly their colors in the Tampa area!

Senator Lieberman More Gracious to Pastor Hagee Than Dufus McCain

If Pastor John Hagee is so horrible (see the McCain Campaign Keystone Kops) -- and, in particular, so horribly anti-Semitic -- then why is Senator Joe Lieberman (the ONLY Orthodox Jew currently serving in the U.S. Senate) going to attend a Hagee-hosted conference?

Answer: Because Senator Lieberman is an intelligent individual (while John McCain -- and/or his advisors -- is/are dumber than a rock for totally disassociating themselves from Hagee).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From Michael Totten: A Hint of Good News from Lebanon

Michael Totten, who used to live in Lebasnon, and reports on it regularly and in depth, shares that in the most recent Hezbollah flare-ups in Lebanon, that when Nasrallah's boys tried to attack Druze strongholds in the mountains overlooking Beirut, they were dealt a strong setback!

Nat Hentoff Shines a Light on Mugabe's Sheer Evil

Mugabe is a nightmare that just keeps returning -- and every time it does, it is more frightening than ever. Nat Hentoff shines a light on this evil man's deeds.

Question: Why has President Bush (along with Brith PMs Blair and Brown, successively) sat on his hands for some seven years while Zimbabwe's internal problems have increased astronomically.

(Remember: Early in his first term, he sent troops into Liberia for a brief time -- and to good effect!)

Heart-Wrenching Photos of Chinese Children Lost in Earthquake

Hugh Hewitt has posted two very moving/motivating pieces on the devastating results of the recent earthquake in China/cyclone in Myanmar.

Very moving photos of lovely children that were lost.

Jimmy Carter Undermines U.S. Foreign Policy...

... again.

Update: Whoops! He did it AGAIN!

I Confess I Believe .....

... in Creationism (contra Charles Johnson, lgf uber-blogger ...).

Geraldo Rivera: Race-Baiter

Mr. Rivera is up to no good again on the illegal immigration front. (He favors amnesty.)

Read this, also.

McCain: "I Will Never Surrender...." Iraq (but I might negotiate away our nuclear arsenal to ingratiate myself to the cut-throat leaders of Russia and China.

In short: Senator McCain is not the brightest bulb in the pack -- and, as talk-radio super-star Michael Savage points out, McCain has surrounded himself with treacherously bad advisors for this leg of his Presidential campaign.

President Bush Ill-Served by Condoleeza Rice

As a "conservatarian" blogger, I will admit to having posted some pretty scorching pieces criticizing President Bush for his foreign policy missteps and weaknesses, and this is only fair, as the "buck stops" on the President's desk.

Nonetheless, one should not discount the room that a trusted, high-ranking official (e.g., SecState) has for creating mischief for the very President she is sworn to serve.

Indeed, as Stephen F. Hayes points out in this Weekly Standard piece, Ms. Rice has made mince-meat of the Bush Administration's dealings with North Korea.

Forsooth, the President has been ill served by his second-term Secretary of State.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trouble Ahead on the China Front

Joshua Kurlantzick has written an incisive, well-thought-out, and profoundly disturbing article for the Los Angeles Times -- disturbing to those, that is, who cherish American sovereignty, America's generally positive influence on foreign affairs, and who grasp the increasing military threat that China represents.

Kurlantzick, using the recent pro-Tibet protests that followed the recent trans-global trip of the "Olympic torch" as a case study, astutely observes that, while much of the rest of the world hailed the pro-Tibet protestors, the Chinese themselves -- and younger Chinese, in particular -- seethed with anger at the perceived slights to China's good name.

I was surprised to read of disruptive pro-Chinese protests by Chinese students (many, of course, from China, but are some also Chinese-Americans?) on US campuses against Tibet and/or the Dalai Lama.

Most disturbing of all was the story that Kurlantzick relates of one female Chinese student at Duke University who -- when she attempted to act as a peace-maker between pro-Tibet and pro-China activists on campus -- was photographed and depicted on the Web as a "traitor," complete with both her and her parents' names and contact information.

As the article points out, even if China's political system becomes freer, the result might be an even more dangerous international rival for the United States, as today's college-age Chinese assume the reins of control.

Very sobering indeed.

Hat tip: RCP.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Washington Elites Obsession with Pampering Jihadists Costing US Lives?

It would appear statistically safe to assert that President Bush's (and Congress's and the MSM's) obsession with pampering the jihadists captured by our troops has cost us dearly -- in American lives and treasure.

Too bad no statistics are also available yet on the effect of all the unnecessary courts martial of our troops for their alleged "mistreatment" and "murder" of the enemy.

Rep. Sue Myrick Demands Muslim Chaplain Probe

Well, at least one Congress"man" has a pair of cojones -- Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC). Rep. Myrick has demanded a probe of all Muslim chaplains on duty in the military.

Read more here.

More on El Dorado -- Ilana Mercer Weighs in

Ilana Mercer weighs in trenchantly and apologetically on the State of Texas's 'confiscation' of over 400 children from their families on the flimsiest of pretexts!

She not only skewers the responsible Texas authorities, she also scores "conservatives" who have bought into this cute little "state-as-parent" policy.

Question for Governor Rick Perry: Are you a man? Do you have a spine? Why are you basically out of sight during this fiasco. You have proven yourself unable to hold public office ever again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Domestic Anti-Christian Vendetta in Progress

Another indication that the secular jihad against Christian public school teacher, John Freshwater, is nowhere nearly over with.

Related Update: Another secular jihad -- this one against an school district -- is also under way in Lousiana.

NOW CPS Admits Snatched Children Will Suffer

A day late and a dollar short, the loathesome Texas CPS -- after having snatched over 400 children from their parents (and from homes where there was no TV, no Internet, and no rock music) on the flimsiest of pretexts -- NOW admits that placing these children in foster care may cause great stress on the children.

What morons we have here in Texas running our CPS! Some heads need to roll over this El Dorado fiasco.

Indeed, AP writer MICHELLE ROBERTS lets slip that authorities believe that the refugee El Dorado children may well be academically AHEAD of their non-FLDS peers. (So, WHY were the kidnapped?)

Notably absent from the media spotlight: Governor Rick Perry, who flatters himself as being a potential Republican VP hopeful.

If McCain has ANY brains, he will NEVER pick Perry.

In fact, after El Dorado's dust settles, I suspect that Perry will be finished politically.

Related Update: The ACLU is expressing interest in these FLDS children's welfare. Hmmm. What to think? Where is the ALCJ on this?

Say What? Abstinence Doesn't Work?

Some geniuses are saying that 'abstinence only' education "does not work."

I wonder what they mean by that.

If abstinence is truly followed by unmarried teens, they will experience ZERO unwanted pregnancies and ZERO STDs.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Telling the Truth about Illegal Aliens Not Permitted on the Floor of the Colorado State Leg

I first heard this story on the Michael Savage talk radio show Monday afternoon. I could not believe it!

The liberal state Rep. Kathleen Curry, who was in charge of the session, removed Republican lawmaker, State Rep. Douglas Bruce, from the podium, when he told the truth about illegal Mexican farm laborers, by calling them "illiterate peasants."

Rep. Curry said, "How dare you!"

The quisling Republican House Minority Leader Mike May said house leaders were trying to find action to take against Bruce.

Kudos for the gutsy Douglas Bruce! The gutless Ms. Curry and Mr. May ought to resign from public office and give their positions to illegal Mexicans, if they care so much for them.


Michael Savage, Vox Day, and Dr. Rusty Shackleford Get It.....Does Anyone Else? (El Dorado FLDS Fiasco)

Michael Savage has for days railed against the Texas CPS, DPS, Texas Rangers, Midland County trampling of the Constitutional rights of the FLDS residents of the Yearning for Zion Ranch in El Dorado, Texas.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford of The Java Report was out in front on this one.

Now Vox Day has weighed in tellingly.

Not many other folks have even winked an eyebrow. For instance, lgf's legendary (and generally right-on-target) Charles Johnson -- despite a private email from me -- has completely frozen out this story, this, despite his uncanny ability to sniff out even the slightest whiff of Fascism across the pond.

Michelle Malkin.... not much.

Fox News: They have been rabidly pushing the "sex" side of the story (as Michael Savage has noted), rather than any sense of

Even the normally fiery Joseph Farah of WND fame has been rather tardy and somewhat less vocal than is his wont in his denunciation of the El Dorado "kid grab" farce -- but at LEAST he DID speak out.

Sean Hannity? Rush Limbaugh? As far as I can tell: Crickets on the trampling of the El Dorado FLDS folks' Constitutional rights.

The question is: Where are the vaunted media watchdogs for our Constitutional rights on this? Well they are parroting allegations and innuendo emanating from the Texas CPS, for one thing.

The Associated Press (Michael Savage, with reason, refers to them as the "Associated Pukes") sneers that the first day of hearings for child custody for the over 400 snatched children "descended into farce." (Translation: The children actually had legal counsel on hand to speak up for them. It was not the FLDS families' idea to bring 400-plus families to court at once!)

We are also treated with the information that this case will "test" the Texas Civil Justice System. (As if it is not already testing families whose children have been taken from them by the State of Texas under the flimsiest of pretexts!)

Michael Savage rightly likens the Texas State judge's decision to disperse the children to giving away cattle.

More to the point: Where are our elected and appointed public officials (each one of them sworn to uphold the Texas and or US Constitution) on this civil rights disaster? Governor Perry? Our Texas State legislators? The judge in the case is an absolute disgrace!

And where is the vaunted ACLU? Oh, that's right, the FLDS are not Muslims.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Deport Them If They Like China So Much!

I don't get it: thousands in Hollywood gathered to protest remarks made on air by CNN commentator Jack Cafferty (whom I normally cannot stand) when he called the Chinese Government leaders "goons and thugs."

Well, for once, Cafferty got it right, and already CNN has apologized once to Peking, but the "goons and thugs," true to form, rejected that craven apology.

I am over 50, I remember back in the "bad old days" of the cold war, when the Chinese Communist Government routinely referred to the United States of America as "running dogs." Hell, I demand an apology from thos Chinese goons and thugs for such insults.

To all those Chinese folks protesting in Los Angeles: If you are so damned fond of China, please go back. Note to ICE: Please take names and check immigration status.

I wouldn't be surprised if half of those gathered for that phony protest in LA are Chinese Government operatives and spies.

I do hope that CNN show some spine and refuses to apologize further for Cafferty's remarks, even possibly making mention of the First Amendment (but I fear they will not do so).

Oh, and one more thing: Keep Taiwan free!

UPDATE: Pat Roberston showed on what side his bread is buttered when he spoke out in DEFENSE of Red China recently. I used to respect the Rev. Roberston -- I truly did.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More on El Dorado (the Raided FLDS Ranch in Texas)

Here is a link that I hope you will visit regarding a petition I hope that you will sign.

Something egregiously wrong has transpired in Texas: On the basis of ONE, UNSUBSTANTIATED, ANONYMOUS (now believed to be FRAUDULENT) telephone call, Texas authorities invaded a Texas ranch with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, and full military gear and proceeded to rip over 400 children from their families.

Today we read that the all-knowing and all-wise State of Texas has decided to remove those children whose mothers followed them from their mothers, as well.

Most of the children are under four years of age: No one has suggested that any of these toddlers have been anything but well-cared for.

I sincerely believe this raid is being used by the Government and the media to get the people of America used to seeing people who claim to be Christians and who home school their children deprived of their Constitutional rights (and their children).

The sad thing is that Fox News has played this up as some kind of "sex" story and most people tend to agree with what was done, believing the line that these people are somehow sex perverts.

When the media say breathlessly that some girls under 18 are married and have children, it helps to remember that in Texas a 16-year-old may marry (and have kids!) with parental permission.

What is more bizarre is that Texas is overflowing with unwed teenaged mothers under the age of 18 (the fathers of some of these children are 18 or over). Where are the armored cars and CPS authorities ripping these girls' children from their hands? Virtually every public high school in San Antonio has a child care center for use during school hours by female students who are mothers.)

Moreover, Planned Parenthood routinely provides abortion for girls under the age of 18, many of whom were impregnated by men over the age of 18. By policy, Planned Parenthood does NOT report these men to the authorities. No one is getting in trouble over this.

No, I submit, the real issue is hardly marriage (let alone sex) under 18, or even polygamy. The REAL issue is people who say they believe in Jesus Christ, say they believe the Bible, who don't prefer to dress their daughters like sluts, and who prefer to home school their children.

Let me suggest that we are watching naked religious persecution take place under our very noses. (Food for thought: There are Muslim compounds in this country -- one is Islamberg in Upstate New York. As far as I am able to determine, NONE of them has had their children removed by State authorities. Muslims ALSO believe in polygamy and marriage at a young age. They also believe in honor killings. Nonetheless, their children are left alone by the authorities.)

Disclaimer: I am NOT, nor ever have been, a Mormon of any stripe or flavor. Nor am I a polygamist. Nor am I a home-schooler.

The only national media figure of which I am aware who has been making an issue of this matter is talk-radio host Michael Savage. Savage is a Jew, not a Mormon. He says this event is Fascism in our own time. The State does NOT own our children!

As Savage has pointed out, we can update the words of the German Lutheran pastor who saw and lived through the rise of Hitler and who permitted himself to be deceived by his lies:

First They Came for the Jews

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

--Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller (A German who lived through the rise and fall of Hitler)

My suggested update:

First they came for the Branch Davidians (Waco, TX, 1993)
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Branch Davidian.
Then they came for the Fundamentalist LDS (El Dorado, TX, 2008)
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Fundamentalist LDS.
Then they came for the Home Schoolers,
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Home Schooler.
Then they came for the gun owners,
and I did not speak out
because I was not a gun owner.
Then they came for me (read: a Christian, or whatever you may be)
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Speak out now, or expect no one to speak out for you when they come for you or your loved ones.

UPDATE: In addition to Michael Savage, Dr. Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report has been on the same wavelength -- smelling a rat and telling it like it is.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Scandal at El Dorado (Texas)

With the notable (and welcome) exception of Michael Savage, there has been precious little MEDIA outcry against the recent outrages against the rule of law, Constitutional rights, freedom of religion, and respect for family integrity that the recent invasion by Texas State authorities of a community of splinter-group Mormons in El Dorado, Texas.

Savage is duly outraged: Why not Hannity, Limbaugh, Governor Perry, John McCain, or President Bush?

Savage suggests that several in positions of authority in Texas need to be prosecuted. Moreover, he wants to see the State of Texas sued over this.

Get this: On the basis of ONE, unsubstantiated, anonymous telephone call, over 400 children were forcibly (and permanently) ripped from their families.

The reason: "reports" of underage sex and marriage. Question: In the major cities of Texas, black and Hispanic girls under 16 are getting pregnant -- often, courtesy of males over 18 -- at epidemic levels. When is the last time one of these girls had her child forcibly picked up by the State? When is the last time one of these men was arrested or even picked up for questioning by the authorities?

The actions by the State of Texas in El Dorado represent a scandal of amazing proportions. Savage says this is outright Fascism or Naziism -- and I concur wholeheartedly.

I am calling for the children to be returned to their parents. I am calling for Governor Perry to step down or to be impeached. I am calling for Marleigh Meisner to be removed from office and to be prosecuted.

Prager: When Liberalism Became Leftism

Hint: Think Iraq.

Convert to Christianity: Die (If You Are Muslim)

The reason behind the recent slaughter of four adults in Somalia.

Austin Bay Site: Recommended

Let me recommend this site, if you are interested in the outcome of the war in Iraq.

HT: Ed Morrissey of Hot Air

Wal-Mart Just Lost a Lot of Redneck Customers?

Wal-Mart has agreed to cooperate with wannabe uber gun-banner NYC Mayor Bloomberg to track more closely the guns they sell.

Hint to all wannabe gun-owners: DON'T buy at Wal-Mart.

HT: Michelle Malkin.

Phoenix Mayor Tattles to Feds on Maricopa County Sheriff

Mayor Phil Gordon of Phoenix has attempted to rat out Maricopa Country Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the Feds for the fine work the latter is doing to enforce the laws against illegal immigration.

Memo to Mayor Gordon: Illegals (allegedly) are not permitted to vote. Who is your true constituency, genius?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Vox Day to Israel: Cowboy Up, Yo?

Vox Day to Israel: Time to throw off the pacifiers and quit suckling at the fickle US teats and stand up and... YES: DEFEND YOURSELVES!

(Hint: The Bible also warns Israel against trusting in foreign alliances.)

President Bush Continues to Morph into a Putz

The Washington Times reveals that Lame Duck President Bush is going to encourage Congress to pass a bill to combat global warming.

Hey? Is ANYONE advising President Bush these days? Hint: Remember the one about changing horses in the middle of a stream.......?

HT: Good Lt. at TJR.

Priorities, Priorities.... Feed the Hungry, Or Feed Eurocrats' Beemers?

Excellent post by Good Lt. on The Jawa Report: The new "green" emphasis on "biofuels" (requiring using huge amounts of grain to create enviro-friendly fuel, or some such) has made it lucrative for farmers to sell their grain to the fuel-makers, thereby contributing to a growing worldwide food shortage.

Of course, the Eurocrats have their priorities in order: They see no need to cut back on biofuels production -- the starving children of Africa be damned. (Hint: Enlightened, snotty, earth-friendly, green Eurocrats are immune to charges of "racism," which are reserved exclusively for conservatives and Republicans.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On the Same Day: Almondhead Plays Thug; Obama Talks Talking to the Thug

On the same day the the DrudgeReport featured Iran's (and Almondhead's) unrepentantly hostile attitude towards the West and its dogged determination to press on with its program to develop nuclear weapons, leading Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak H. Obama showed the olive branch and posited that talking to Iran would not only be acceptable to him -- but necessary -- in order to pursue peace in the Iraq/Iran region, should he become President.

Unfortunately, the State Department's own Ambassador to Iraq (Chester Crocker) on the SAME day, seemed to echo Obama's desire to caucus with the Iranian thugocracy. I see this as a great disappointment in Ambassador Crocker/President Bush, etc.

Radio talk show host Michael Savage has, as a result of Obama's stand today, memorably framed the debate picture of Obama as the "Neville Chamberlain," today!

El Dorado, Texas: Whatever Happened to "Innocent until Proven Guilty?"

News media are breathless reporting about the alleged sexual misconduct going on inside the "compound"(sic) of some members of an off-shoot of the LDS Church in LDS located in El Dorado, Texas.

On the strength of mere allegations, the "authorities" have removed some 400(!) children from their parents and their homes -- on the mere possibility that they MAY be in danger.

This is absurd. Anyone can make allegations about anyone else via the telephone. If there are crimes to be investigated, then let the authorities investigate them and let the prosecutors prosecute them as appropriate....


Meanwhile, the media and most of America seem to receive the news reports of the development with supreme unconcern for the rights of the accused -- or for the GENUINE, long-term welfare of these children who have been removed from their homes!

This is Waco "Light," and it stinks to high heaven! I have been told (but have not confirmed) that the main CPS player in the El Dorado mess was the same one involved in the original Waco mess.

Thank you to radio talk show host Michael Savage for having also expressed his sincere doubts about the way the El Dorado situation is being handled.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Obama's Pastor an Ex-Muslim?

Charles Johnson of lgf pointed me to this post on Infidels Are Cool that Obama's former Chicago pastor for over two decades is apparently and ex-Muslim. Infidels Are Cool read this on Free Republic, where the relevant poster cited this article.

Not only that, but -- in a separate post -- Infidels Are Cool also shows that the Rev. Wright for his Masters Degree focussed on "Islam in West Africa."

This is hardly a comforting thought and is a matter that should be open to discussion (though not obsession, perhaps). Nonetheless, one can almost hear the wheels turning in the MSM as they prepare to spin this topic as "off limits."

Voter, beware of Obama!

NOT Condi (for VP), PLEASE, Senator McCain!

Speculation is rife and the media are humming with "what if" rumors that Senator McCain might pick President Bush's current Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, to be his running mate.

My take is that Ms. Rice is NOT a good choice for Mr. McCain for the following reasons:

-She is pro-choice on abortion,
-She has shown herself to tilt more toward the Palestinians and Hezbollah than is appropriate,
-She has shown herself weak in her present position, having clearly permitted herself to be dominated by the career diplomats at State,
-She does not appeal to Conservatives, McCain's weak spot on the Republican side,
-She is heavily rumored to be a lesbian (which, in all fairness, may not be true at all), which cannot boost her standing with the Christian Right already upset with her stands on abortion and Israel.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hilarious: Flash: Hugo Chavez the Victim of TERRORISM!

A riot to read!

Helps if you read Espanol or know someone who does.

HT: Michelle Malkin.

Dell: Off My Shopping List -- For ..ever?

Dell is hell-bound for leather to outsource to other countries.

A former die-hard Dell buyer, my last purchase was a Compaq, due in large part to Dell's lost vision of how it started.

Women, Drugs, and .... Al-Qaeda in Iraq Mujahideen?

Independent military blogger Michael Yon shows the seamier side of Al-Qaeda Mujahideen, including prostitutes.

Hmmm. Never saw this aspect of the war in Iraq covered in the MSM.

HT: Hot Air.

Religiously-based complaints by Muslim parents to British school authorities get quick (favorable) response

Religiously-based complaints by Muslim parents to British school authorities get quick (favorable) response; similar complaints by Christian or Jewish parents .... not so much.

Charles Johnson weighs in.

HT: My Pet Jawa.

Muslims Leaving Their Faith in Large Numbers

There are interesting articles here and here on the current phenomenon of Muslims leaving Islam -- some to become Christians!

HT: My Pet Jawa and My Pet Jawa commenter, Alan.

Europe Waking up to the Very Real Islamic Threat Within?

In the wake of Geert Wilders' controversial film, Fitna, Daniel Pipes -- a Western expert on Islam -- wonders if Europe just may not be waking up to the Muslim threat within.

One can only hope: God knows the threat is real and that Europe has more than its fair share of Dhimmis.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Terrific Expose of MSM Shilling for America's Enemies in Iraq

Gateway Pundit does a masterful job of assembling a collage of MSM headlines screaming about increased carnage in Iraq during the month of March.

Now, don't get me wrong, a lot of folks died in Iraq during March, but the MSM FOR SOME REASON neglect to mention that HUNDREDS of the dead were TERRORISTS killed in the fighting that is going on over there.

Hint to MSM reporters without a scintilla of regard for the United States as the great country that it is: It is a GOOD thing when terrorists are killed -- yes, even when HUNDREDS of them are killed.

Life under Islam -- for Daughters (KSA)

Here is a story sure to warm the cockles of every jihadist's stony heart: A loving Saudi dad -- upon catching his daughter mid-chat with a male(!!!!) on Facebook -- felt the need to show her the error of her ways and so proceeded to beat (and shoot) her.

I am sure the young lady learned her lesson.

Pity she is dead now and will be unable to straighten out her life.

Really, Islam is a great religion. President Bush has referred to it (no kidding) as a "religion of peace."

Hint: Better not take Arabic lessons from President Bush, as "Islam" means "surrender" or "submission" -- and NOT "peace."

HT: Gateway Pundit

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bush Administration's Military Show Trials

Taking a page from Stalin, the George W. Bush Administration has settled on a course of continuing the sickening and long trend of what some call "show trials," referring the unnecessary, unfair, and overly-zealous military courts-martial conducted against soldiers and Marines during the course of the current conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan -- the most egregious of which is the ongoing trial against the Haditha Marines.

Newsmax has an excellent piece on this hot topic.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

McDonald's Panders to "Gay" Activists -- I'm Not "Lovin' It"

Another pathetic example of a top corporation caving in and pandering to what talk show host extraordinaire Michael Savage terms the Gay Mafia or the Purple Mafia: McDonald's is the culprit this time.

I am not a big McDonald's fan to begin with. Now I am even less so.

Update: It appears that my numerous and energetically pro-Christian posts on the digg site where the above-mentioned WND article was dugg have gotten me unofficially "banned" from posting comments on Digg for the moment.

I have not posted any new comments on Digg for over 24 hours, and yet, when I attempt to do so, I am advised: Your Comment
gunjam by gunjam (HTML tags aren't allowed. Comments are editable for 2 minutes)
The force is strong with you, please wait a few minutes before commenting again.
Please allow up to 60 seconds for your comment to be saved.

Note to Digg administrators: In most people's minds 24 hours is more than "a few minutes."

Hmmmm. I wonder how many of the equally vociferous pro-gay posters on the same Digg thread have been similarly "banned" from posting on Digg pages? (My guess: Zero, but how would I know.)

Fitna the Movie

I am trying to embed the code so you can view Mr. Wilders new film that poor Mr. Ban Ki Moon finds so offensive. (Hat tip: lgf.)

Better yet, just click on this link.

Update: I understand that Fitna is now once again available on Liveleak after a short hiatus.

Update: Pat Condell (an atheist who is highly critical of militant Islam) has an interesting analysis of the reactions to the Wilders film, Fitna. (Hat tip: lgf.)

Pat Robertson and Newt Gingrich Go over to the Dark Side on Global Warming

Oh, boy! Al Gore is kicking off yet ANOTHER round of hysteria about "climate change" (notice the bait and switch from "global warming" to "climate change?")

As was pointed out in a recent piece in the not-so-conservative Los Angeles Times, the "warming" phenomenon in has been regional rather than "global," as Nobel Peace Prize (Huh?) winner Albert Gore used to tell us.

Only this time around, Mr. Gore will have some moral support from Pat Robertson and Newt Gingrich -- both of whom have thereby earned new levels of disgust on my part.

Gore is already backing away from "global warming." Now that he is in the business of stopping "climate change," it appears to me that he is bucking for Divine authority -- and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob isn't about to yield ground to him.

Update: On his talk radio show today, Michael Savage righteously ripped Gingrich and Robertson, as well, and for the same reason.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

First They Came for the Child Sex Offenders, ....

I am not in favor of child molestation or child rape or child pornography. I suspect that too many found guilty of these crimes get off too easily or receive sentences that are too short. (On the other hand, some offenders -- sometimes lured into compromising situations by police posing as minors during online chats -- can sometimes also receive ridiculously harsh sentences (at least here in Texas)).

Having said that, the spreading concept of making sex offenders permanent social lepers makes no sense to me -- either on Constitutional grounds, social grounds, or biblical grounds.

Even more troubling is the concept of the "camel's nose under the tent." The Government is clever: Sex offenders are not very popular and people are quick to embrace measures that make them "pariahs for life."

However, once this practice -- which includes online posting of the individuals' photographs, names, addresses, etc., online, as well as restricting their presence near schools, playgrounds, child care centers, etc. -- becomes seen as acceptable and routine, it will be a very small step for the Government to expand such practices toward other offender groups that it wants to turn into pariahs.

What such groups might that be? I don't know, but I have some ideas -- members of militias, gun-law violators, Christians arrested for evangelizing on public property, for instance, come to mind.

The answer lies -- on the one hand -- in not letting flagrant sex offenders off, or off with too lenient sentences, and -- on the other -- in not making people 'pariahs for life' by laws that will not only make it impossible for them to live normal lives, but also have the unintended consequence of encouraging former sex offenders to relapse, and also open the door to treating other classes of criminals in the same way (pariahs for life).

Let's not be stupid: We don't want to live in a police state.

Stop Loss a Real Loser

I cannot keep up with all the links to this story, but the recently released Hollywood film, Stop Loss, is a complete failure. More: here, here, and here.

Hollywood, which during World War II, produced patriotic and pro-military films, has worked overtime during the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan to produce anti-American, anti-war, anti-military, and anti-President Bush films.

Funny thing: The American people are not buying this pro-Islamist and pro-Communist propaganda.

Hint to Hollywood producers: Produce some pro-American, pro-military material and you might make some money for a change.

Is Canada a Third-World Country?

Chinese students in Canada rally to sing Chinese Communist Party songs and to revile the Dalai Lama and to tell Tibetan students to leave Canada.

Note: This is a country where Christian pastors are arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin.

Conclusion: It is a hate crime in Canada to call homosexuality a sin, but just fine to abuse Tibetans (if you are Chinese).

Canada needs a house-cleaning.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Chief Beneficiary of American Liberty Complains of National 'Birth Defect'

Condoleeza Rice -- who was certainly not born into a wealthy family -- has, since entering college, done extremely well: Provost of Stanford University, National Security Director, Secretary of State, etc.

As Michael Savage pointed out on his talk radio show today: Rice most likely (notwithstanding her obvious abundance of native talent) benefitted at some points from affirmative action.

In a manner oddly reminiscent of the Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Michelle Obama, Ms Rice seems a tad bit ungrateful, speaking of our country's "birth defect."

The fact that we have gotten well past slavery to the point where a black female can occupy the office of Secretary of State seems nowhere to enter into in Ms. Rice's calculations.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Bear Stearns Fiasco

I am in basic agreement with Michael Savage on this issue: We live in an age of exceeding corruption in high places. We live in a time of "robber barons."

And the MSM snoozes and obsesses with "celebrities!"

And, now this.

Something is rotten in Denma -- Washington, D.C.

Back in Business

It's a long story. Anyway: The old jammedgun blog is no longer in use (by me, anyway). I have been on blogger hiatus for some months now.

I thought I would get back into it a bit.