Sunday, June 8, 2008

Debbie Schlussel (Rightly) Pans Standard Operating Procedure

The film Standard Operating Procedure (which I have not seen) is another in the genre seemingly endless stream of anti-US-war-in-Iraq films spewing out of Hollywood (a stream of films, incidentally, that the movie-viewing public has found greatly underwhelming).

Debbie Schlussel has seen it, and she rightly pans it.

As Schlussel points out, the movie actually confirms many of the suspicions that pro-Iraq-War-but-anti-PC-Pentagon-Lawyers folks like me have long harbored regarding Abu Ghraib: Namely that is was much ado about (almost) nothing. (It occurred in a WAR ZONE for Christ's Sake!)

UPDATE: Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has stood up boldly to confront the "US-are-torturers" mongers in Congress, telling them that placing women's panties on prisoners' heads does NOT constitute torture.

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