Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Hurricanes in the Gulf As Bush/Rice Actively Work to Force Israel to Cede More Territory

My, WHAT a COINCIDENCE! We have two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean area while our Keystone Kop Foreign Policy Team of Bush/Rice work overtime attempting to force Israel to cede even MORE territory (including, possibly, HALF of Jerusalem) to the terrorists.

The Bible expressly says that He gave this Land to Israel and President Bush has no business attempting to get the Israelis to give it away.

God controls the weather, too.

Moreover, why does the President think that giving land to terrorists is the way to go? If this does not send a clear message to the world that terrorism works, I don't know what does!

In the meantime, we -- who are Christians -- are instructed to pray for those in authority. Clearly, President Bush and SecState Rice stand in need of our prayers.