Sunday, June 8, 2008

[Dhimmi] Gates Warned about restricting Christians

The absurd Dhimmi-like, knee-jerk, anti-Christian reaction of US military officials to the news that a Marine on duty in Fallujah, Iraq, had handed out approximately 10 coins to Iraqi citizens on which the Scripture verse, John 3:16 was cast in Arabic has drawn SecDef Gates an earful from a Christian organization that speaks up in defense of PERSECUTED Christians.

Where are the denominational endorsing agents and Christian chaplains on this? From my perspectve, something is rotten in Denmark when the services are more than happy to enlist Christians to dodge bullets, but then clamp down on them hard for making even minor expressions of their faith.

Everything offends some Muslims, we are fools to go to absurd lengths to seek the accommodate the unreasonable and the implacable. I read that after the Army sniper shot up a copy of the Qur'an, one of our commanders KISSED a copy of the Qur'an before some village elders: I find that degrading and insulting to our Christian soldiers -- unless, of course, that officer was himself a Muslim (something which I highly doubt).

Moral Test for President Bush: Congress on Abortion Counseling

There is/was an intra-Party fight underway among Republican and RINO Congressman regarding the issue of abortion counseling.

This is a moral test for President Bush.

I am praying that he comes/came down on the side of the Republicans, rather than that of the RINOs.

The Decalogue Revolt!

What is the best way to promote the proliferation of public displays of the Decalogue (Ten Commandments)?

Why, to tell people (a la the ACLU and Liberal, legislating-from-the-bench judges) that they MAY NOT do so, of course!

This is funny!

Way NOT to Go! Arsonist Strikes Texas Governor's Mansion

As readers of this blog have probably surmised, I am no fan of Texas RINO Governor Rick Perry. However, whoever thought that setting the Texas Governor's Mansion on fire was a good idea is ... well... likely headed to prison for a long time.

Note: Governors come and go -- but the Texas Governor's Mansion belongs to the STATE and should be respected for what it symbolizes (even when its occupant does not live up to our expectations).

Debbie Schlussel (Rightly) Pans Standard Operating Procedure

The film Standard Operating Procedure (which I have not seen) is another in the genre seemingly endless stream of anti-US-war-in-Iraq films spewing out of Hollywood (a stream of films, incidentally, that the movie-viewing public has found greatly underwhelming).

Debbie Schlussel has seen it, and she rightly pans it.

As Schlussel points out, the movie actually confirms many of the suspicions that pro-Iraq-War-but-anti-PC-Pentagon-Lawyers folks like me have long harbored regarding Abu Ghraib: Namely that is was much ado about (almost) nothing. (It occurred in a WAR ZONE for Christ's Sake!)

UPDATE: Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has stood up boldly to confront the "US-are-torturers" mongers in Congress, telling them that placing women's panties on prisoners' heads does NOT constitute torture.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Moon-Battery in the First Degree, Continue: Boy Suspended for Carrying SPENT Cartridge to School

Too idiotic for words.

Moon-Battery in the First Degree: "Open Tent Day"

Horrible idea. Great excoriation of same.

Hat tip: lgf.

Resolved: Planned Parenthood Is a Criminal Enterprise

A disgusting story on how corrupt Democratic officials in Kansas (obviously in the pocket of the Planned Parenthood criminal racket) appear to be attempting to stymie the efforts of one honest man (Phill Kline) to expose their evil actions.

It is obvious that the national Planned Parenthood operation is a criminal enterprise and needs to be mercilessly prosecuted under existing RICO statutes.

Texas District Judge Barbara Walther Proving Once again to Be an Obstacle to Justice for the FLDS Folks

You have to hand it to her: Despite having been overruled by two superior courts regarding her egregiously unjust treatment of the FLDS residents of Yearning for Zion Ranch in El Dorado, Her Honor continues to insist on having her way and on placing legal obstacles in the way of reuniting the FLDS children wrongly held hostage by the run-amok Texas CPS goons.

Judge Walther is just asking for another slap-down from a superior court.

She is also asking to be impeached.

I loathe this corrupt individual.

In my view: Judge Walther is Exhibit 'A' on why women make poor judges.

You can read more about it here.

Very Cool: Sons of Confederate Veterans Have Plans to Fly the Stars-and-Bars in a VERY Big Way!

I admit it: I tend to sympathize with the Confederate side when I study the Civil War. It really was about more than just slavery, as the self-righteous reductionists wish to have us believe. I really don't think slavery would have survived down South past 1900, if the Confederacy had achieved its desired independence.

However, the South failed to prevail in this country's bloodiest conflict to date.

Nonetheless, many brave men (both black and white) fought for the South and it is -- in my view -- criminal to try to blot their memory from the historical landscape.

Two men alone -- Robert E. Lee and General "Stonewall" Jackson -- prove that the South had a noble streak. (Of course, there were many other noble Confederates, as well.)

That is why I am pleased that the Sons of the Confederacy have big plans to fly their colors in the Tampa area!

Senator Lieberman More Gracious to Pastor Hagee Than Dufus McCain

If Pastor John Hagee is so horrible (see the McCain Campaign Keystone Kops) -- and, in particular, so horribly anti-Semitic -- then why is Senator Joe Lieberman (the ONLY Orthodox Jew currently serving in the U.S. Senate) going to attend a Hagee-hosted conference?

Answer: Because Senator Lieberman is an intelligent individual (while John McCain -- and/or his advisors -- is/are dumber than a rock for totally disassociating themselves from Hagee).