Monday, March 31, 2008

Bush Administration's Military Show Trials

Taking a page from Stalin, the George W. Bush Administration has settled on a course of continuing the sickening and long trend of what some call "show trials," referring the unnecessary, unfair, and overly-zealous military courts-martial conducted against soldiers and Marines during the course of the current conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan -- the most egregious of which is the ongoing trial against the Haditha Marines.

Newsmax has an excellent piece on this hot topic.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

McDonald's Panders to "Gay" Activists -- I'm Not "Lovin' It"

Another pathetic example of a top corporation caving in and pandering to what talk show host extraordinaire Michael Savage terms the Gay Mafia or the Purple Mafia: McDonald's is the culprit this time.

I am not a big McDonald's fan to begin with. Now I am even less so.

Update: It appears that my numerous and energetically pro-Christian posts on the digg site where the above-mentioned WND article was dugg have gotten me unofficially "banned" from posting comments on Digg for the moment.

I have not posted any new comments on Digg for over 24 hours, and yet, when I attempt to do so, I am advised: Your Comment
gunjam by gunjam (HTML tags aren't allowed. Comments are editable for 2 minutes)
The force is strong with you, please wait a few minutes before commenting again.
Please allow up to 60 seconds for your comment to be saved.

Note to Digg administrators: In most people's minds 24 hours is more than "a few minutes."

Hmmmm. I wonder how many of the equally vociferous pro-gay posters on the same Digg thread have been similarly "banned" from posting on Digg pages? (My guess: Zero, but how would I know.)

Fitna the Movie

I am trying to embed the code so you can view Mr. Wilders new film that poor Mr. Ban Ki Moon finds so offensive. (Hat tip: lgf.)

Better yet, just click on this link.

Update: I understand that Fitna is now once again available on Liveleak after a short hiatus.

Update: Pat Condell (an atheist who is highly critical of militant Islam) has an interesting analysis of the reactions to the Wilders film, Fitna. (Hat tip: lgf.)

Pat Robertson and Newt Gingrich Go over to the Dark Side on Global Warming

Oh, boy! Al Gore is kicking off yet ANOTHER round of hysteria about "climate change" (notice the bait and switch from "global warming" to "climate change?")

As was pointed out in a recent piece in the not-so-conservative Los Angeles Times, the "warming" phenomenon in has been regional rather than "global," as Nobel Peace Prize (Huh?) winner Albert Gore used to tell us.

Only this time around, Mr. Gore will have some moral support from Pat Robertson and Newt Gingrich -- both of whom have thereby earned new levels of disgust on my part.

Gore is already backing away from "global warming." Now that he is in the business of stopping "climate change," it appears to me that he is bucking for Divine authority -- and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob isn't about to yield ground to him.

Update: On his talk radio show today, Michael Savage righteously ripped Gingrich and Robertson, as well, and for the same reason.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

First They Came for the Child Sex Offenders, ....

I am not in favor of child molestation or child rape or child pornography. I suspect that too many found guilty of these crimes get off too easily or receive sentences that are too short. (On the other hand, some offenders -- sometimes lured into compromising situations by police posing as minors during online chats -- can sometimes also receive ridiculously harsh sentences (at least here in Texas)).

Having said that, the spreading concept of making sex offenders permanent social lepers makes no sense to me -- either on Constitutional grounds, social grounds, or biblical grounds.

Even more troubling is the concept of the "camel's nose under the tent." The Government is clever: Sex offenders are not very popular and people are quick to embrace measures that make them "pariahs for life."

However, once this practice -- which includes online posting of the individuals' photographs, names, addresses, etc., online, as well as restricting their presence near schools, playgrounds, child care centers, etc. -- becomes seen as acceptable and routine, it will be a very small step for the Government to expand such practices toward other offender groups that it wants to turn into pariahs.

What such groups might that be? I don't know, but I have some ideas -- members of militias, gun-law violators, Christians arrested for evangelizing on public property, for instance, come to mind.

The answer lies -- on the one hand -- in not letting flagrant sex offenders off, or off with too lenient sentences, and -- on the other -- in not making people 'pariahs for life' by laws that will not only make it impossible for them to live normal lives, but also have the unintended consequence of encouraging former sex offenders to relapse, and also open the door to treating other classes of criminals in the same way (pariahs for life).

Let's not be stupid: We don't want to live in a police state.

Stop Loss a Real Loser

I cannot keep up with all the links to this story, but the recently released Hollywood film, Stop Loss, is a complete failure. More: here, here, and here.

Hollywood, which during World War II, produced patriotic and pro-military films, has worked overtime during the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan to produce anti-American, anti-war, anti-military, and anti-President Bush films.

Funny thing: The American people are not buying this pro-Islamist and pro-Communist propaganda.

Hint to Hollywood producers: Produce some pro-American, pro-military material and you might make some money for a change.

Is Canada a Third-World Country?

Chinese students in Canada rally to sing Chinese Communist Party songs and to revile the Dalai Lama and to tell Tibetan students to leave Canada.

Note: This is a country where Christian pastors are arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin.

Conclusion: It is a hate crime in Canada to call homosexuality a sin, but just fine to abuse Tibetans (if you are Chinese).

Canada needs a house-cleaning.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Chief Beneficiary of American Liberty Complains of National 'Birth Defect'

Condoleeza Rice -- who was certainly not born into a wealthy family -- has, since entering college, done extremely well: Provost of Stanford University, National Security Director, Secretary of State, etc.

As Michael Savage pointed out on his talk radio show today: Rice most likely (notwithstanding her obvious abundance of native talent) benefitted at some points from affirmative action.

In a manner oddly reminiscent of the Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Michelle Obama, Ms Rice seems a tad bit ungrateful, speaking of our country's "birth defect."

The fact that we have gotten well past slavery to the point where a black female can occupy the office of Secretary of State seems nowhere to enter into in Ms. Rice's calculations.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Bear Stearns Fiasco

I am in basic agreement with Michael Savage on this issue: We live in an age of exceeding corruption in high places. We live in a time of "robber barons."

And the MSM snoozes and obsesses with "celebrities!"

And, now this.

Something is rotten in Denma -- Washington, D.C.

Back in Business

It's a long story. Anyway: The old jammedgun blog is no longer in use (by me, anyway). I have been on blogger hiatus for some months now.

I thought I would get back into it a bit.