Sunday, March 30, 2008

McDonald's Panders to "Gay" Activists -- I'm Not "Lovin' It"

Another pathetic example of a top corporation caving in and pandering to what talk show host extraordinaire Michael Savage terms the Gay Mafia or the Purple Mafia: McDonald's is the culprit this time.

I am not a big McDonald's fan to begin with. Now I am even less so.

Update: It appears that my numerous and energetically pro-Christian posts on the digg site where the above-mentioned WND article was dugg have gotten me unofficially "banned" from posting comments on Digg for the moment.

I have not posted any new comments on Digg for over 24 hours, and yet, when I attempt to do so, I am advised: Your Comment
gunjam by gunjam (HTML tags aren't allowed. Comments are editable for 2 minutes)
The force is strong with you, please wait a few minutes before commenting again.
Please allow up to 60 seconds for your comment to be saved.

Note to Digg administrators: In most people's minds 24 hours is more than "a few minutes."

Hmmmm. I wonder how many of the equally vociferous pro-gay posters on the same Digg thread have been similarly "banned" from posting on Digg pages? (My guess: Zero, but how would I know.)

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