Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our "Friends" the Chinese (with Apologies to Charles Johnson)

Few things make me sicker than the sycophants in the US media and sports worlds who slaver all over the Domain of the Dragon commonly known as the People's Republic of China.

Let's face it: China is a very large, bizarre, Marxist/Fascist conglomeration that is a good deal for the 10% of the population that comprises the "elite," but a very bad deal for the other two billion folks that live in that unhappy place.

There are many things about which I could criticize China, but today, my anger is directed towrds their arrogant abuse of followers of religions -- Christianity in particular.

Here is a a particularly graphic example of the kinds of things that await Chinese that choose to follow a course that is not "approved" and, especially, those who lead others in the same path.

The son of a prominent house-church (read: non-Government-approved) pastor was beaten to within an inch of his life without warning by swarms of police while in a private residence. The beating occurred in his mother's presence. When his mother called for an ambulance, help was refused. When his mother called the man's younger brother for help, he was ALSO beaten when he arrived.

Think about such things the next time you have a choice between buying something made in China or made somewhere else.

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