Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Scandal at El Dorado (Texas)

With the notable (and welcome) exception of Michael Savage, there has been precious little MEDIA outcry against the recent outrages against the rule of law, Constitutional rights, freedom of religion, and respect for family integrity that the recent invasion by Texas State authorities of a community of splinter-group Mormons in El Dorado, Texas.

Savage is duly outraged: Why not Hannity, Limbaugh, Governor Perry, John McCain, or President Bush?

Savage suggests that several in positions of authority in Texas need to be prosecuted. Moreover, he wants to see the State of Texas sued over this.

Get this: On the basis of ONE, unsubstantiated, anonymous telephone call, over 400 children were forcibly (and permanently) ripped from their families.

The reason: "reports" of underage sex and marriage. Question: In the major cities of Texas, black and Hispanic girls under 16 are getting pregnant -- often, courtesy of males over 18 -- at epidemic levels. When is the last time one of these girls had her child forcibly picked up by the State? When is the last time one of these men was arrested or even picked up for questioning by the authorities?

The actions by the State of Texas in El Dorado represent a scandal of amazing proportions. Savage says this is outright Fascism or Naziism -- and I concur wholeheartedly.

I am calling for the children to be returned to their parents. I am calling for Governor Perry to step down or to be impeached. I am calling for Marleigh Meisner to be removed from office and to be prosecuted.

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