Sunday, April 20, 2008

Deport Them If They Like China So Much!

I don't get it: thousands in Hollywood gathered to protest remarks made on air by CNN commentator Jack Cafferty (whom I normally cannot stand) when he called the Chinese Government leaders "goons and thugs."

Well, for once, Cafferty got it right, and already CNN has apologized once to Peking, but the "goons and thugs," true to form, rejected that craven apology.

I am over 50, I remember back in the "bad old days" of the cold war, when the Chinese Communist Government routinely referred to the United States of America as "running dogs." Hell, I demand an apology from thos Chinese goons and thugs for such insults.

To all those Chinese folks protesting in Los Angeles: If you are so damned fond of China, please go back. Note to ICE: Please take names and check immigration status.

I wouldn't be surprised if half of those gathered for that phony protest in LA are Chinese Government operatives and spies.

I do hope that CNN show some spine and refuses to apologize further for Cafferty's remarks, even possibly making mention of the First Amendment (but I fear they will not do so).

Oh, and one more thing: Keep Taiwan free!

UPDATE: Pat Roberston showed on what side his bread is buttered when he spoke out in DEFENSE of Red China recently. I used to respect the Rev. Roberston -- I truly did.

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