Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On the Same Day: Almondhead Plays Thug; Obama Talks Talking to the Thug

On the same day the the DrudgeReport featured Iran's (and Almondhead's) unrepentantly hostile attitude towards the West and its dogged determination to press on with its program to develop nuclear weapons, leading Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak H. Obama showed the olive branch and posited that talking to Iran would not only be acceptable to him -- but necessary -- in order to pursue peace in the Iraq/Iran region, should he become President.

Unfortunately, the State Department's own Ambassador to Iraq (Chester Crocker) on the SAME day, seemed to echo Obama's desire to caucus with the Iranian thugocracy. I see this as a great disappointment in Ambassador Crocker/President Bush, etc.

Radio talk show host Michael Savage has, as a result of Obama's stand today, memorably framed the debate picture of Obama as the "Neville Chamberlain," today!

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